Nuggets from Swami TV talks

Tattvamasi, Aham Bramasmi and the security thereof
- the security you seek, that security is in you,  Tattvamasi
- I want to be great,  Tattvamasi,   (may or may not be an "aha" moment.)
- when you seek support  in old age, the support is in you, Tattvamasi
- when you seek support in sickness, the support is in you
- when you are lonely, helpless, distressed, very much down,  what you need is yourself
- the higher power that you want to lean upon is in you, looking for succor (sustenance, aid, relief), find in yourself,  Tattvamasi
So what is Avashishta anubhuti, akanda kara anubhuti (God Consciousness)
Normal experiences (anubhava) can take place at the mental (manasa), body level (bhautika),group level, etc..   This "local" consciousness of experiences is always of divisions.  Happy/sad, bodily senses, group ids, etc. Even any subjective or objective  thought is discrete and is divisive.
So what is Avashishta anubhuti, akanda kara anubhuti (God Consciousness)
- it is not the forced silence of the thoughts in the mind. e.g. doing kapal bhati pranayama to force an agitated mind into a silent period.
- it is not scholarly understanding of the sruti or philosophy, or deep bhakti, or deeply controlled (yet temporary) Yoga samadhi
- it is not "seeking" "god consciousness" experience elsewhere outside
- Only way is deep sravanam, mananam, then abiding in Nididhyasana (abiding in oneself)
- thoughts subside without creating divisions and then allow to remain with the "residual" (avashista - avasesha), akandakara  vritti (singular awareness of oneself)
- this leads to abidance in Atma/ Brahma/ God consciousness,
You have to BE yourself, not a pramana
There are many pramanas (means of knowing) to accumulate knowledge, e.g sense perceptions, inferences, thinking etc.
You want to know God.  Believing? However, believing is not a way of knowing. In fact, it is putting an end to thinking and acting just as a blind follower.  Knowledge and Belief do not go together.
Belief can only be partial help.  (The Bow helps, but the Attention and understand of Awareness is the key to seek directly).
However, BEING is NOT a pramana.
- You know goodness by Being good,
- you know Love by Being loving  (which is a way of knowing).
So a way of knowing is by BEING.
Chit is Sat.  By BEING the truth is KNOWING the Truth.
However, BEING is NOT a pramana.  Therefore the Truth is "Apremeya".
To know yourself, BE yourself.  (not the roles you play)
There is no doubt that all are Brahman!  (All waves in all oceans are water).
God is in seeking, in your eyes, in loving, etc, no doubt!
Upasana, Intellect, and actual Jnanam

Upasana, Intellect, and actual Jnanam

- is a feeling of devotion (inn the heart)
- do not rationalize too much about these special upasana
- feel the devotion/love/ of SUN as the power
- and see that SUN power as the same as the inner light of awareness, the inner atma, then it becomes Jnanam. Till then it is upasana.

Intellect/ buddhi
- thinking is in the intellect (in the mind)
- however too much rationalisation can be a feeling, emotion (frustration)
- knowing is in the intellect (mind)

- is the understanding in the heart (not in the head)

Upasana to Atma Nishta

Upasana to Atma Nishta

- surrendering to higher power (with less and less ego manner) is upasana, knowing whole heartedly the oneness is the jnanam (atma nishta)
- e.g by Krishna:  Story of Salt doll wanting to know the depth of the ocean. As a search it is upasana, merging in the ocean and disappearing is atma nishta
 - e.g wave wanting to search for it source in the ocean (with some limited identity), and knowing that it IS the same water is atma nishta
- surrender to the inner self and allow the ego to resolve (upasana) and finally, it becomes egoless awareness (called atma nishta by Shankara).
Atma nishta begins as upasana (love for the universal) and stabilizes to oneness
Limit upasana to Prana, Aditya, Gayatri mantra and Omkara upasana.
- Prana upasana can lead to realization of oneness with vayu then upasana drops.
- Aditya (SUN) upasana for its self illuminating light and energy and shines on all forms. Remind oneself every day and move inwards to see the inner light of awareness that illuminates all.
- Gayatri mantra that expands it further
- Omkara upasana leading to silence. AUM (Waking state,Dream state, Deep sleep state) to Silence (Turiya, Atma)
(all other upasana keep reinforcing duality so not Niddidhyasanam)
Difference between Bhakti and Sharanagati (with Jnanam) in the language usage
Difference between Bhakti and Sharanagati (with Jnanam) in the language usage
Bhakti : 
- Duality, Jiva and higher power
- Devotion, Love
- no egotism, accepting higher power
- I do not do anything, everything is done by God
- upasana is important and has a place,
- work hard, do karma yoga, natural things happen naturally
- beyond, rituals (superstition etc), bhakti can also be said as "love all" - e.g. Buddha
- The language from different great philosophers is different, but the spirit, the love for the truth is the same.
- seeking/asking help from Ishwara for physical and mental strength, focus, work hard in prayers  (that you already have) is not desire and hence valid. (Desire is outer desires, therefore not valid)
Sharanagati  (surrender with Jnanam)
- oneness, one without the second
- merging into the reality
- acceptance of "as is"
- things happen, we do not do anything, natural things happen naturally

- upasana can maintain  the dissolution of the limited self (and ego).

Fear and causes of fear
fear surfaces when one's personhood is threatened.
- Ego (self worth) is affected
- undue body/mind identification leads to fear  e.g. with its time passage, decay, aches/pains, forgetfulness, are bound to affect body/mind
- concern about time (future, past, time pressure).
- Remember that Conciousness that I AM, is not limited to person. Personhood is separation, - - Individuality (ref to Indivisible) is to be understood as connected to the whole. (Pot space is Space itself).
Fear is abated with understanding of Tatvamasi, and remaining in present moment.
3 primary ways to fear
1) worry about the future about of oneself, family, community, nation etc
2) superstitions, belief in conspiracies, binds one to guru, idol, dictator
3) seeking pleasure and leads to living in fear of not gaining it/ maintaining it/ loosing it.
Getting caught is samsara or new samsara trap
- starting a new activity that leads to consequential activities (responsibilities, duties, and pressure)
- feeling/desiring  "to do more", 'to want more"
- Can be iron shackles or golden shackles (pleasant duties)
Recognize samsara for what is, and avoid it or keep it at the edge
Shortest way to self realization is thru Sharanagati
Sharanagati, surrender to higher power
- Humbly accept that higher power controls the results
- Do the duty fully by the proper "means" and not worry about the "goal" - Karma Yoga.
- Do not cheat by lip service only eg.puja to lord yet be self-serving.
- Do all duties but surrender all sense of "control" and false sense of responsibility (e.g. welfare of children, society)
Obstacles to Sharanagati
1) Ego/pride gets hurt with life's challenges. Need to be humble.
2) Delusion (name/fame/ role play).  Even guru (caught up in the role play).
3) Me and Mine should be abandoned for Self-Realization
Shortest way to self-realization is thru Sharanagati.
Surrender to the lord of the universe (shakti of nature).  That is the real puja.  Very easy. Remind yourself about the prime mover that moves everything. Realize this.
see the example of the SUN giving heat/light as a powerful example for the existence of earth e.g. let every system do their part. e.g. sick person goes to doctor, gets antibiotics, body systems works,
- freedom from sense of "control and responsible" and hence no suffer.
- Acceptance of as is.
- Upasana helps the understanding and surrender (Sharanagati) even though some division.  Self-negation also helps Self-realization.  (Upasana should not be "servant to lord" type of duality.  It is a means to understand the limited and the higher powers)
 - give up the illusion of control, and surrender to many powers in nature.
- should not be hurry for the results
- should not allow superstition to guide you (the inner divinity will guide you). Dont be slave to desires, fears or superstition
- learn to think. don't over plan (blue print of  life). There is no joy/ instead likely to be disappointments.
- Life is Everfresh and all events are to be accepted as coming from the higher power.
Karya Buddhi to Karana Buddhi to Sarvatma bhava (advaitam)
Karya Buddhi to Karana Buddhi to Sarvatma bhava (advaitam)
- Karya (effects) Buddhi Binds.  Ornaments, variety  attracts desires (likes and dislikes), and affects life immensely.
- Karana (cause) Buddhi liberates.  Gold, Clay, and Atma helps to decrease desires. Upasana on fewer and fewer elements and then aditya (sun) allows us to move towards Karana buddhi.
- every student starts with some dvaitam (as a limited being), and needs upasana to guide him (still dvaitam) towards SarvaAtma bhava and Advaitm.
- Even mahatmas who temporarily are in "personhood" for bhiksha etc, will rise up to sarvaatma bhava.
- Even for appreciating poetry, mahatma's  start with duality. e.g. Pratasmarami stotaram by Shankara
  -- verse 1 is "smarami"  I think/contemplate of That saguna brahman
  -- verse 2 is "bhajami" I worship (duality) the saguna brahman
  -- verse 3 is "namami"  I salute/namaste not as  myself  (Advaita), Nirguna Brahman.,
Importance of Sun and Sun as symbol for Atma
Importance of Sun and Sun as symbol for Atma
See the example of Sun light/ heat outside as similarly to the internal the Inner light
- Sunlight illuminates external "objects", only after inner light of awareness shines.
- Atma awareness has to operate even to appreciate the sunlight
- Sunlight/heat enables Photosynthesis in plants to convert Water+Co2 into glucose. (Science has not reproduced that without sunlight.). Glucose is food for plant growth, animal growth, human life. See the similar lifeforce within dependent on atma (cidabhasa) empowering all living being and non-living beings.
- Power of sun-heat, causes circulations of water, wind causing weather and climate variations and constant movement on earth. Similarly lack of fullness causes desires which leads to thoughts (active mind) and physical activity to acquire and hord objects.
- the gravitational pull hold dependent relationships. Similarly, our demands/desires keep us in limited bound relationships, unable to be free.
Understand the Sun symbol in Gayatri Mantra as the inner atma the source of awareness and shakti.
Don't search for answers immediately, Examine the problem.
Don't search for answers immediately, Examine the problem. (Answer lies within)
- Searching immediately for the answers is like escaping, and looking for quick solutions, with agenda  (what suits oneself)
- preconceived answers (with agenda) or solutions are not necessarily the correct or optimal ones.
- examine the problem, and the questions more thoroughly, clearly, without bias (agenda)
-  meanwhile do your duty (karma yoga) best as you can (with surrender)
- problem gets simplified and restricted, and presents its own path forward
- (e.g. handicapped people are "Differently abled" not "Disabled", people around and society can see it that way)
- Physician and  physical therapist are only part of the questioning of the problem and helping decide direction of treatment/solution
Answer acceptable?
- In matters of Life, there is no simple YES/NO answer
- is the questioner asking/ seeking advice, or an answer or not?  Get clarification.  Better answer may lie within the person.
chronic issues
- learn to live with it, endure it. body will adjust.