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Science of Matter, Mind and Consciousness
  • Scientists describe the "quantitative properties and behavior" of aspects of the universe. i.e. in terms of measurable quantities, mass, speed, time, space, volume etc.  Using Math as the language.
  • Science and Math describe the "behavior"- (swabhava) of matter, but cannot describe the "instrinsic" nature (Swarupa) of nature.
  • Newtonian laws describe the classical physics, and they are still true at that gross level of objects, F=MA etc,
  • Einstein laws operate at relative levels of space/time / motion etc.. True at deeper cosmic level and indicate that space and time are not fixed, they are "adjustable" elements of matter
  • QFT (quantam level, particle, waves) laws describe randomness of appearance/manifestation of particles from waves and vice versa. "observation snap shot" indicates the instant value of the wave at that instant. it could be a wave or a particle.
  • Nuro-scientists have mapped the brain that correlates parts of the brain segments triggered by different external stimuli (seeing, hearing etc).
  • According to current brightest scientists themselves, still open questions:
    Material scientists have not figured out What "intelligence" causes the wave functions to collapse into measurable physical particles (with mass and properties). "Panpsychism" hypothesis of universal intelligence is one  theory being developed now.
  • Neuro scientists have not explained, how we "spontaneously experience the smell of fresh morning coffee, or the experience of wonder of a beautiful sunset". (or any other experiences). This requires a much more than a cohesive operation of the all parts of the mechanical brain. Considered to be a "mental capacity".. "Mind" cannot be quantified (weight, volume etc), only qualified.
  • western Scientists are just beginning to explore how we as "conscious beings" (Not zombies like robots) experience, measure, study, interact with the world. This is the only thing that matters to everyone one of us in the end.

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The mystery of consciousness and the Mind-Body-Problem. – Panpsychism theory

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  1. The conscious Mind
  • Humans have a mental “subjective experience” of the world. They smell, taste, feel, and remember experiences in the world.
  1. Why Consciousness?
  • It is the most important thing for our living. It is the reason we do anything, enquire into science, biology, philosophy. No good studying this for a zombie.
  1. The “hard problem”
  • It is the hardest problem in science and philosophy
  • Understanding Consciousness is key to understanding the universe and ourselves
  1. What is the problem?
  • How can mere matter originate Consciousness. Evolution does not explain this.
  • Is it a new kind of “reality” injected into the universe, instead of just a re-combination of the old realities.
  • Major gap between “qualitative experiences” and “quantitive measurements and analysis”
  1. Traditional solutions in scientific circles: a) Materialism or b) Dualism (and their limitations)

5.1 Materialism  (and its limitations)

- Evolutionary theory explains material changes to body and brains. It lacks in bridging the gap to “experiences”)

- “Conciousness is illusion theory” e.g. our experiences of blue sky or experience of sunset are not the reality.  The fact is that experiences exists, and needs to be explained, and humans and others live by experiences.

- neuroscientists (as reductionists) have mapped activities of specific parts of the brain that are stimulated by external events. However there is no observed  part/whole of the brain that integrates all the stimulated brain parts into one whole experience!  There is no “agent” inhabiting the brain – like “Catesian theater”.

-  AI, Zombie is defined as having “behavior” identical to humans but devoid of “conscious experiences”, a mindless “robot”.  Conscious beings are obviously not zombies.

5.2 Dualism (and limitations)

- Many scientists are spiritual and understand that the universe is material for quantitive measurements. So they put universe and Body as “matter” and “Soul” as “spirit” in completely separate domains.

- Property dualism theory. A theory that the separate “Mental experience is Consciousness ” is somehow connected with a loose property or a feature.  Consciousness as a fundamental element (as irreducible element alongside space, time) in the universe and in beings.

  1. Panpsychism Hypothesis

- coined by Thomas Nagel, 2012 (now gaining acceptance in some scientific circles.)

6.1.  A “metaphysical “description of the world, - which is the attempt to explain “how the world works in general”. It must include the conscious human subject!  The aim would be to offer a solution of “how we fit into the world”

6.2 “Matter” must have a “proto-mental” potential to produce consciousness!

6.3 This metaphysical hypothesis is usually call “Panpsychism”. “pan”-all, and “psych” -mind

- everything living or not has a nature that is both physical and nonphysical. All elements of the physical world are all mental.


  1. Does panpsychism really claim that consciousness is everywhere?.. i.e. in sticks, stones etc. Ans: There are gradations:  “Simple” (sticks, stones), “Compsite” (plants, protozoa etc), “compound “ (animals, humans with more developed minds). Only ‘genuine individuals’ that show signs of full spontaneity (to experience).
  2. Quantum physics gives only randomness. Ans: QFT only gives randomness, and not mind for free will. Could randomness (as seen from outside) be a “choice or decision” of QFT field collapse from inside the field itself?.  The universe shows evidence of the operations of mind on 3 levels:
    1. Frist level. Even at quantum levels, matter is not inert substance, but an active agent. nature forces choices (e.g. orbit of electron) between alternative possibilities or potentials based on probabilistic laws. Interaction between observer and observed forces the choice (collapse of wave function).  A proto-mind exists at quantum level.
    2. Second level. Development of Human mind as an amplification to the choices made at quantum level.
    3. Third level, by extension the mental component of cosmic universe is also present (can be called God).

‘Actuality’ or manifestation is due to  decision (of a mind) amid ‘potentiality’.

6.4 The most important “panpsychist” or “experimentalist” was Alfred North Whitehead 1933

- “Actual/final” events, entities, occasions are drops of experience, complex and interdependent.  Actual “things/objects” are “societies of drops”, ie collection of decisions leading to actualities.

- “Actuality is the decision amid “potentiality”- Consciousness may be a factor.

  1. Consciousness remains the mystery and panpsychism is a metaphysical hypothesis. Colin Mcgin 1999

- metaphysical hypotheses (as a general theory) is required.  This can be followed by metaphysical research programmes.

Consciousness, a Quantum Physics Perspective

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Conciousness as a unified field.  - John Hagelin (PhD, Harvard) at Stanford